St Peters Cringleford

St Peters Cringleford

The Normal Pattern of Sunday Services

Every Sunday 08:00am. This is a traditional weekly Sunday service of Holy Communion using the Book of Common Prayer. It is a ‘said’ service with no hymns
1st Sunday 09:30am. First Sunday worship, suitable for all ages. Children are encouraged to take a part in leading the service and we might try different things, like new songs or different ways of praying together. Songs are accompanied by the music group.
2nd Sunday 09:30am. Sunday Club. The children join us to sing the first hymn, then go to the Church Hall for a snack, teaching and fun.
09:30am. sung Communion worship Eucharist with a robed choir.
3rd Sunday 09:30am Iona Communion Service with Healing which uses word, images and songs that are more contemporary with a Celtic feel. Songs are accompanied by our music group and there is usually a screen for images or video clips to aid our reflection.
4th Sunday 09:30am. Sunday Club. The children join us to sing the first hymn, then go to the Church Hall for a snack, teaching and fun. Term time only.
09:30am. sung Communion worship Eucharist with a robed choir.
5th Sunday 09:30am. Holy Communion

Monday to Friday every week

09:00am. Prayers are said for the people of Cringleford and Colney in a short service. Please share with us, if you can.

First Thursday of the month

03:30pm. We hold Holy Communion in the Church Hall committee room, followed by a cup of tea, for those people who are unable to attend on Sundays.


We know that a lot of people new to church or who have been away for a while will have questions hopefully your questions are answered below. If not please contact the church office or Minister

What is Church?

Church simply means a gathering of people who want to follow Jesus. ‘Church’ is also used to refer to the buildings we meet in, but this could really be anywhere!

What is a service?

‘Sunday services’ are regular times where people gather together to connect with God and with others; an act of worship. This can take many forms, and usually includes someone praying out loud or everyone praying silently, lots of singing, by choirs and everyone.  We also do lots of listening, for example to the Bible being read or to someone talking,  often using pictures, music and creative activities to help us to explore how to live out our faith. Through all that listening we also begin to hear and understand what God wants for us. Often churches hold more than one service on a Sunday and each may have a different ‘flavour’.

What will happen when I first arrive at a service?

When you first arrive, someone will greet you and you will be given all you’ll need to participate in the service including a newsletter and, we hope, a warm welcome!

Can I bring children?

Yes, children are welcome at all of our services. Some weeks the service has more to cater for children, and other weeks it has a more traditional flavour with more periods of quiet. Please see the Youth and Children page for activities.

Am I allowed to sit anywhere?

Yes, all of our pews are open to everyone. If you have children we also have a childrens’ area, which you are free to sit in for the whole of the service or move to during the service, if that is a more comfortable space for you and your family. There are quiet toys and colouring activities available, but we encourage children to take part as much as they can in the service. That’s when the noisy toys/instruments take over!

What should I wear to services?

Whatever you like! We’re not concerned about ‘Sunday Best’.  When you come in you may find the odd hat but you’ll also see people in jeans and t-shirts leading the worship.

Do I have to pay?

No, everyone is welcome to come and there’s no charge. We do have a collection in the service, which is a chance for the people who go regularly to respond to God’s generosity through giving, but no-one is under any obligation to put money in.

If you have any other questions please contact the church office or Minister.